Study Guide

The Truth About Forever Happiness

By Sarah Dessen


Everyone in The Truth About Forever has a different idea about what makes happiness. For Macy, it's finding your forever. For Delia, it's embracing chaos and brokenness and working with it. For Monica…Donneven? Moral of the story: everyone sees happiness differently, but you know what? That's 100% okay.

Questions About Happiness

  1. Do you think Jason is happy? How about Monica? Why or why not?
  2. Why is it that Kristy is so happy, even after all she's gone through in her life?
  3. Is Macy really as happy at the end of the novel as she was before her dad died? Or is it a different kind of happiness?
  4. Will Deborah ever be able to find happiness?

Chew on This

Jason might have given up some happiness to plan for his future, but hey, he's young. We should cut him some slack.

Delia might put on a good show, but she isn't really happy. Her life is too much of a mess to be truly happy.