Study Guide

The Truth About Forever Rules and Order

By Sarah Dessen

Rules and Order

Mama Queen sure does love her some rules and order. And for that matter, so does Macy—in the beginning, at least. Both women in The Truth About Forever are trying to deal with their grief by taking matters into their own hands. But the chaos of Macy's new job helps her cope with her loss instead of focusing on being the perfect child. And in the end, it takes the complete absence of any order at all (at the big gala) for Macy's mom to see what Macy's already known for a while: sometimes, rules are made to be broken.

Questions About Rules and Order

  1. Should there be rules for grieving? If so, what might they be? Would they have helped Macy?
  2. Is total chaos always the best way to recover from holding back your true self? What would Delia say?
  3. If Macy needed order to help her right after her dad's death, why was it good then but bad now?

Chew on This

If Macy's mom hadn't cracked down on Macy, neither of them would have ever completely worked through their grief.

Deborah's rules were the same for Macy as they were for Caroline, and that was just plain unfair.