Study Guide

Tuck Everlasting Chapter 10

By Natalie Babbitt

Chapter 10

  • Winnie goes all around the Tucks' house and finds that it's totally different than her own. Her house is super tidy and organized, and the Tucks' is a haphazard and comfy mess. We wonder which one she likes better.
  • The house is full of flowers and projects that Mae and Tuck work on, like sewing and carving. It seems so unlike her own home, and Winnie has to process this whole new way of approaching life.
  • Mae takes her on a tour and explains how the four of them live. Jesse and Miles go out into the world periodically and work in different places. They have to stay on the move because their agelessness makes them suspicious. Mae and Tuck have had this particular house for two decades, and that may be pushing the max amount of time they can stay somewhere.
  • Winnie thinks it might be lonely, but Mae puts a brave face on the whole thing. She's got her family, after all. Next, Mae explains the system their family has of splitting up, moving around, and meeting in a certain spot every decade. That's just how they roll.
  • Mae seems pretty matter-of-fact about the whole living forever thing. This is just the hand they've been dealt, and they have no choice but to play it.
  • Tuck doesn't feel the same way, though.
  • The conversation is interrupted when Miles and Jesse come in from swimming. Mae warns them to behave because Winnie's there; she's even worried that they might be naked, which would be totally inappropriate in front of little Winnie.
  • She tells them to change and takes Winnie to see about dinner, which Tuck is in charge of that day.