Study Guide

Tuck Everlasting Chapter 11

By Natalie Babbitt

Chapter 11

  • Winnie eats with the Tucks that night. No surprise here: just like their house is different from hers, their meals are different, too. Everybody just chows down without talking, and there are no napkins. It's a little messier and a lot more casual.
  • She starts to feel uneasy. As nice as the Tucks have seemed, technically, they've kidnapped her. Winnie speaks up and says she'd like to get out of there. Mae assures her that she'll get to leave, but first, she has to promise that she'll keep their story a secret.
  • Both Miles and Jesse offer to spend some alone time with Winnie, but Tuck jumps in and says that he'll talk to her. It's almost like Tuck has a feeling that danger is on its way.
  • Mae and Winnie remember the yellow-suited man, but it doesn't seem like a red flag.
  • Tuck tells Winnie that she can go home soon, after they've had a conversation. First, though, they're going to take a small voyage on the pond.