Study Guide

Tuck Everlasting Chapter 20

By Natalie Babbitt

Chapter 20

  • Tuck hugs Winnie, and she tries not to look at the carnage.
  • The constable says that Yellow Suit Guy is still alive. This isn't going to be pretty. Mae tells the constable that he'd been threatening Winnie, but as far as the constable knows, the Tucks kidnapped Winnie. This guy isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.
  • Winnie steps up to defend the Tucks. She says she's with them of her own free will. The constable still has a hard time processing this information.
  • Winnie catches a glimpse of Yellow Suit Guy, who has collapsed in a heap. It's a horrible and unforgettable sight.
  • But when Winnie turns to Tuck, she notices something else very strange. Tuck is watching Yellow Suit Guy with an almost sick, "envious" (20.12) look in his eyes. Winnie tries to comfort him by holding his hand.
  • Things keep going downhill from here. The constable says he's going to take Winnie back to her family and take Mae to the jail.
  • The Tucks try to reassure Mae, but the constable (not the most tactful guy ever) says that if Yellow Suit Guy dies, Mae will be a murderer, and she'll get the death penalty.
  • This horrifies Tuck, and while the constable understands the horror, he couldn't possibly know the real reason behind the emotion.
  • Winnie understands, though—it's all kinds of bad. Jesse and Miles start cleaning up Yellow Suit Guy while the constable organizes a way to get Mae and Winnie back to Treegap.
  • Because she can see how upset Tuck is, Winnie steps up to reassure him.
  • Then the constable makes them get going. It seems like Mae's already lost hope, but Winnie holds on a bit longer. The three of them get going, while Tuck stays behind with the boys.
  • As they ride on, Winnie's thinking as fast as she can. She is still trying to process what would happen if people attempted to execute Mae. Gulp.