Study Guide

Tuck Everlasting Chapter 23

By Natalie Babbitt

Chapter 23

  • The rest of the day is even hotter. With no air conditioning back in those days, Winnie's mom and grandma are wiped out by the heat. They have no energy and collapse in the parlor.
  • While she might be more bothered by the heat, Winnie's preoccupied. After safeguarding Jesse's gift, she spends most of the afternoon alone, thinking.
  • No one can eat much at dinner, because of the heat. But things finally start to cool down as the evening approaches, with a hint of rain.
  • Soon, Winnie's family goes to bed. Winnie, of course, stays up on full alert.
  • She knows what she's going to do is wrong, but she has a good reason for it. Still, it's hard to be satisfied with her decision.
  • With an hour to go before her meeting with Jesse, Winnie's thoughts grow more complicated. The three main things she's pondering are (1) that she loves the Tucks, but she doesn't want Mae to face the execution; (2) whether she will end up deciding to drink the water; (3) whether the Tucks' story is even real.
  • Our girl takes a little power nap and wakes up just in time, with five minutes to spare.