Study Guide

Tuck Everlasting Chapter 24

By Natalie Babbitt

Chapter 24

  • Winnie sneaks out of the house. Too easy. She meets Jesse outside and they head to the jailhouse as quickly as they can.
  • Still, the world seems strange, quiet, and a little scary. It feels like it's about to rain.
  • At the jail, Winnie and Jesse meet Miles and Tuck. They embrace. We grab a tissue.
  • Winnie distracts herself with some poetry (Richard Lovelace—heavy stuff!) while Miles works to get the window out.
  • It takes an excruciatingly long time, and they even have to take a break when the constable patrols.
  • Finally, Miles goes back to work and gets all the nails out. It takes two big efforts, but finally, the window comes free.
  • Mae reaches up and very slowly struggles through the window with the help of Tuck and their sons.
  • The thunder and lightning is totally setting the scene, too. And somewhat dramatically, the weather changes: it starts raining.
  • Winnie hugs and kisses each of the Tucks, finishing with Jesse. Jesse tells her to not forget them.
  • Miles helps Winnie get back inside the jail cell, and she watches from within as he replaces the window.
  • A huge rainstorm settles in, and when Winnie peeks out the window, there's no sign of any of the Tucks.
  • It worked.