Study Guide

Tuck Everlasting Chapter 4

By Natalie Babbitt

Chapter 4

  • That night, Winnie makes a mini-break for it—back out to the yard where she's been playing. Baby steps, right? This time, the toad isn't there.
  • Next up for weirdness, a man she's never seen before wanders up to her and starts talking. He doesn't introduce himself, but he's wearing a yellow suit, so we're gonna call him Yellow Suit Guy from here on out. (The narrator actually never gives him a name.) He seems nice on the surface but the whole situation is kind of creepy. Winnie is a bit put off, and so are we.
  • The man asks about Winnie's family and history. Winnie explains the property and wood nearby are theirs.
  • Winnie's grandma emerges and interrupts; she wants Winnie to come back inside in, but the man tries to ask her some questions, too.
  • No such luck—they're all interrupted by the sound of a music box.
  • Winnie's grandma is thrilled because it reminds her of the "elf music" (4.24) she heard when she was little. She tells Winnie about her experience, but the strange man seems even more (ominously) interested in it. Spooky behavior alert, everyone.
  • Winnie and her grandma go inside, but the man lingers outside their fence, thinking for a long time before moving away slowly. Like we said: majorly spooky. What is up with this guy?