Study Guide

Tuck Everlasting Chapter 5

By Natalie Babbitt

Chapter 5

  • The next day, Winnie gets up quickly, like she has something super exciting to look forward to. But it's not Christmas (boo), so she decides she's going to half-heartedly run away. She'll go for an adventure in the woods, and hey, maybe it'll lead to running away.
  • So Winnie heads into the woods and sees a bunch of wildlife, including that friendly toad.
  • She keeps going and ends up in a little clearing. There, she finds a giant tree and a normal-sized boy.
  • The normal-sized boy is super cute! Winnie immediately starts crushing on him while she watches him drinking from a small spring.
  • When he sees her, they start chatting it up. Turns out our boy, Jesse, is 104. Oh wait, no, he's seventeen. We're confused. Either way, he's much older than she is, Winnie thinks.
  • Winnie asks for some of the water he was drinking, but Jesse won't let her at it. And we're talking a hard no, with no explanation.
  • Jesse's getting a little worried when his mother, Mae, and brother Miles show up. (Winnie doesn't know who they are, but the narrator kindly explains it to us.)
  • Mae has some bad news: a nightmare is coming true for them.