Study Guide

Tuck Everlasting Chapter 6

By Natalie Babbitt

Chapter 6

  • Before she knows it, Winnie's being "kidnapped" (6.2) by the Tucks. They put her on Mae's horse and start racing away from the spring.
  • Pretty weird, if you ask Shmoop. Still, the Tucks try to reassure Winnie, and surprisingly, she's not that freaked out.
  • As they go, they end up rushing past the guy in the yellow suit. Mae shouts a quick excuse that Winnie's getting riding lessons. Then they leave him in the dust.
  • They keep racing until they pause by a nearby trickle of water. Here, the Tucks get stuck trying to figure out how they're going to explain everything to Winnie. (And how about to us?!) Winnie, fed up and overwhelmed, starts crying. Totally understandable. We'd probably cry, too. She cries even more when they say she'll have to stay with them overnight.
  • As much as she didn't want to be at her own house, she's not psyched to be away from it either.
  • Still worried about this mystery news they have to tell Winnie, Mae gets out her music box and lets it sing. This makes Winnie feel a bit better; she even tells Mae about her grandmother's idea of the elves playing music.
  • Winnie plays the box some more and continues to feel better. She even decides that because the box is nice, the Tucks must be nice. Flawed logic, we'd say, but whatever will get her through the night.
  • Jesse says to Winnie, "We're friends, we really are" (6.22), trying to reassure her. Then they get on with all that explaining.