Study Guide

Tuck Everlasting Morality

By Natalie Babbitt


What happens when right and wrong collide and you're not sure which way to go? Tuck Everlasting faces that question head on, mostly by putting Winnie and the Tucks in some sticky situations. At the core of all the moral dilemmas is this: should you protect yourself or the people you love? We have to say it: this novel is just as much about morality as it is about mortality.

Questions About Morality

  1. Why is the Yellow Suit Guy's plan so horrifying to Winnie and the Tucks?
  2. Was it wrong for Mae to kill Yellow Suit Guy? Why or why not?
  3. Why does Winnie decide to help Mae escape from jail? Was this a moral decision?
  4. Why didn't Miles tell his family about the spring water? Does it have anything to do with his morals?

Chew on This

Killing people is wrong, no questions asked. Mae should be punished for murdering the man in the yellow suit, no matter her motivation.

Speaking of doing the wrong thing, the Tucks are living a lie. Talk about immoral.