Study Guide

Tuesdays With Morrie Chapter 10

By Mitch Albom

Chapter 10

The Third Tuesday: We Talk About Regrets

  • Morrie brings a tape recorder so he can remember his talks with Morrie. But there's another reason, too: He wants to hold onto someone that he knows won't be around much longer.
  • When he can't be with Morrie anymore he wants to remember his optimism.
  • Morrie brings up the topic of culture again. He talks about how we're trained to only think about immediate worldly things, like buying houses and having a career.
  • He also points out that everyone needs a teacher to help them see what really matters—you know, like Morrie is doing for Mitch.
  • On the flight home, Mitch writes down a list of topics that he wants to ask Mitch about.
  • Now we flashback to Mitch's senior year, when Morrie encourages Mitch to write an honors thesis. Pushed to find a topic that fascinates him, Mitch chooses to write about why sports has become such a huge deal for Americans.
  • Morrie reads the paper and makes a comment about his work being so good that he should come back for grad school.
  • Mitch thinks for a second that it may be a good idea, since he's starting to become nostalgic about leaving college, but then he laughs it off.