Study Guide

Tuesdays With Morrie Chapter 4

By Mitch Albom

Chapter 4

The Audiovisual

  • ABC-TV saw a story about Morrie's overwhelming optimism in the Boston Globe titled "A Professor's Final Course: His Own Death" (4.4) and, inspired by the man, they decide to run a special on him.
  • Visitors crowd around Morrie's house with excitement as Ted Koppel arrives with his team of cameramen.
  • Morrie insists on interviewing Ted before agreeing to the session. He asks him about his heart and his faith—in that order—and while the news anchor is taken aback by Morrie's frankness, Morrie explains that since he's dying, he really doesn't care about beating around the bush.
  • Then Ted asks Morrie if he's seen his show. Morrie says once, and that he thought Ted was a narcissist. Ted laughs, and they're good to go.
  • The interview goes well as they discuss Morrie's life and what it's like to get closer to death. Morrie closes with a humorous comment.
  • This is the program that Mitch runs across.
  • Flashback time again: It's Mitch's first college class with Morrie. He visits the professor's office and sees his shelves full of sociology, psychology, religion, and philosophy books. We haven't heard what Morrie teaches, but these books give us a clue about what he loves.
  • Mitch introduces himself to Morrie and his teacher says that he hopes they can be friends.