Study Guide

Tuesdays With Morrie Chapter 5

By Mitch Albom

Chapter 5

The Orientation

  • Mitch is driving to Morrie's house in a rental car. He's on the phone with a work call and mentions that his return flight is in a few hours. In other words, this is a short trip.
  • When he sees Morrie in his wheelchair he freezes—Morrie's much older and weaker than he was sixteen years ago.
  • Morrie sees him and Mitch procrastinates on the phone; he admits that his old self would have run to give Morrie a hug right away.
  • Five minutes later, Mitch emerges from the car and hugs Morrie. Morrie will not let him go and calls him his old friend, saying, "you've come back at last" (5.15).
  • Mitch does some quick soul searching and feels guilty because he knows he's a far cry from his college self.
  • They sit down to lunch and a housekeeper serves them food, with a side of medicine for Morrie.
  • Morrie presents Mitch with a question: Would he like to know what it's like to die?
  • And so begins the final class that we heard about at the very beginning of Chapter 1.
  • Flashback to freshman year: Mitch is a year younger than the other freshmen, which he tries to make up for by acting tough. Morrie doesn't care about this, though, which puts young Mitch at ease; he signs up for more classes with Morrie since he's an easy grader.
  • Mitch calls Morrie Coach, and Morrie says that since he's the coach, Mitch has to be the player. They have lunch together, and Mitch is amused by Morrie's dynamic personality.