Study Guide

Tuesdays With Morrie Chapter 7

By Mitch Albom

Chapter 7

Taking Attendance

  • Mitch flies to London to cover Wimbledon. It's a super busy weekend and in the middle of the meaningless chaos, his thoughts turn to Morrie and his words about how meaningless modern culture is.
  • He contrasts the culture that Morrie's made, full of good friends and projects that help society, to Mitch's own culture, where all that matters is work.
  • While he's thinking all this over, he almost gets run over by a group of paparazzi chasing a celebrity couple; he remembers Morrie saying that everyone is "chasing the wrong things" (7.6).
  • Mitch returns home to Detroit and finds out that he's out of a job because of newspaper strikes. So basically the only thing that his world is made up of is gone.
  • He arranges to meet up with Morrie again the next Tuesday.
  • Flashback to Mitch's sophomore year in college. He and Morrie are having a chat and Morrie tells him that money is not important to being "fully human" (7.21).
  • Mitch feels more comfortable talking to Morrie about his future plans than his own dad, who wants him to be a lawyer. He mentions to his professor that he wants to be a musician, and Morrie listens to him.