Study Guide

Tuesdays With Morrie Education

By Mitch Albom


Tuesdays with Morrie is not a standard story about education. Why not? Well, it doesn't take place in a classroom with textbooks or grades. And the subject matter isn't math or history or computer programming.

Instead, this book educates us, so to speak, on being a person; it tells us that you're never too old to be a student. Mitch is an adult and years past being a student when he starts making his Tuesday visits to Morrie. And man, he's still got a lot to learn.

The book also shows us that we can learn from ourselves as well as from others. Morrie most certainly teaches himself a few things during his last few months of life, using his illness as an opportunity to grow.

Lastly, this story tells us that when we learn from each other, we create a friendship that is a learning experience all to itself. It's like the ultimate combo: learning and love. Yay.

Questions About Education

  1. Does Mitch end up teaching Morrie anything?
  2. What are some qualities about Morrie that make him such an effective teacher?
  3. This last class that takes place at Morrie's house is about life lessons, not textbook lessons. Do you think that there's some connection between life lessons and lessons we learn in an actual classroom?
  4. What are some necessary qualities for a student to have?

Chew on This

It is as important to be a good teacher for yourself as it is to be a good teacher to others.

In life, education is both a gift and a necessity.

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