Study Guide

Tuesdays With Morrie Happiness

By Mitch Albom


We all know happiness is a little more complicated than Pharrell makes it sound, so luckily for us, it's a topic that's tread upon quite a bit in Tuesdays With Morrie. What makes people happy, how people can make themselves happy, how they can bring happiness to others, and more. There's a catch, though: Happiness isn't found in the places culture tells us to look for it in (think: things we can buy).

When we first meet Mitch and Morrie, Morrie is the happy one of the duo, though his body is slowly withering away and he's preparing to die. Throughout the story, he shares his secret recipe for happiness with Mitch. Because of this, in the end, Mitch finds himself a much happier person. You might even say that happiness is Morrie's legacy.

Questions About Happiness

  1. Do you think that trying to find happiness in life is the same as finding meaning?
  2. Morrie is able to find happiness in his last few months of life, despite his sickness. Does this mean that happiness is completely an act of the will? What other things could contribute?
  3. What are some different definitions of happiness that our culture gives us? Are they convincing? Why or why not?

Chew on This

Based on Morrie's wisdom, every person in the world has the tools to become happy. But at the same time, the world around us gives us false ideas about what happiness is.

Since understanding happiness is related to figuring out what matters in life, happiness and principles are closely related.

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