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The Turn of the Screw Chapter 15

By Henry James

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Chapter 15

  • The Governess, disturbed by this run-in with Miles, doesn't follow her party into church.
  • Instead, she paces round outside, pondering what the boy just presented her with. In her eyes, Miles has figured out that she's afraid to deal with the problem of his dismissal from school, and is using her fear against her.
  • For the first time since Miles showed up on the scene, the Governess wants flee from him. She returns to the house with the intention of leaving Bly for good.
  • Once she gets to Bly, she's torn – but ultimately decides to go. She flies up to the schoolroom to fetch some of her things. She's not the only one there, though…a certain former governess is there already.
  • The two governesses regard each other – both of them have the right to be there in that room. It's an odd moment.
  • The Governess disrupts this moment of silence by calling out to Miss Jessel, calling her a "terrible miserable woman" (15.5). The ghost seems to hear her, but makes no reply. She disappears, leaving the Governess convinced that she should remain at Bly.

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