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The Turn of the Screw Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

  • The next day, Mrs. Grose wants to confirm that the Governess has indeed written to their employer. The Governess says that she has, but neglects to mention that she hasn't sent it yet.
  • The children were in particularly good form that morning in their lessons; Miles in particular seems determined to forget the events of the night before.
  • Miles and the Governess play a duet on the piano, and she's distracted by his playing for some time. However, after a while, she notices that Flora is missing.
  • The Governess looks around, but the little girl is nowhere to be found.
  • She and Mrs. Grose both look around for the missing child, to no avail.
  • The Governess is certain that Flora has gone out with Miss Jessel, while she's sure that Quint is with Miles in the schoolroom now.
  • The Governess is amazed by what she sees as Miles's cleverness in eliminating her so that he and his sister could meet with their ghostly companions. The two women head outside to look for Flora and Miss Jessel.

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