Study Guide

The Turn of the Screw Chapter 19

By Henry James

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Chapter 19

  • The Governess and Mrs. Grose rush to the lake, fearing what Flora might be doing there. She's even more sure than ever before that, when the children are alone, they speak of their ghostly visitors, and that they've planned this set of distractions.
  • The two women find that Flora has taken the little boat that's moored at the lake. Mrs. Grose is amazed that a child could think to do all of this, but the Governess grimly states that Flora isn't always a child – sometimes she has the cunning of an old woman.
  • Running around the lake, they find where Flora has ditched the boat, and they see Flora herself.
  • Mrs. Grose, beside herself with relief, seizes the child in a maternal embrace. Flora plays dumb, and simply asks where their coats and hats are. She then inquires about Miles.
  • The Governess's moment of confrontation has arrived: she tells Flora that she'll let her know where Miles is if…(cue dramatic music) Flora will tell them where Miss Jessel is.

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