Study Guide

The Turn of the Screw Chapter 23

By Henry James

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Chapter 23

  • The Governess and Miles, alone at last, speak cagily about Miles's explorations of the grounds over the past day or so, when he's been left to his own devices.
  • Finally, it's time to get everything out in the open. The Governess insists that she's only there to help Miles and to be with him – and he sees that she wants him to tell her everything.
  • As he prepares to confess, she sees for the first time that he's afraid – of her.
  • Miles nervously tells the Governess that he'll tell her anything, but not just now; he says he has to go see Luke (one of the servants).
  • Before she lets him go, the Governess just asks him one thing: did he take the letter she left in the hall yesterday?

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