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Turtle in Paradise What's Up With the Title?

By Jennifer L. Holm

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What's Up With the Title?

With a title like Turtle in Paradise, we'll admit we were expecting to see a few more shelled creatures wandering around white sandy beaches. But the story has nothing to do with the cabana life or sea creatures (unless you count the scene where three bowls of turtle soup are eaten). Instead, we learn about another Turtle, the main character who is sharing her story.

We think there's more to her name (so much so that we talk about it in the "Characterization" and "Characters" sections), but we can't help but wonder if the title is more about what our main girl learns than anything else. Turtle figures out that all the things she wants in life—a perfect family, a Hollywood ending, a catalog home—are not as important as what she already has: a family who loves her and cares about her. In the end, her life is already a paradise; just not the one she imagined.

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