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Sadiebelle Curry (a.k.a. Mama) in Turtle in Paradise

By Jennifer L. Holm

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Sadiebelle Curry (a.k.a. Mama)

We don't get to see Turtle's mom much, except through a couple memories her daughter has and at the very end. We still get a pretty good idea about who she is, though. Turtle explains to us:

Mama's always falling in love, and the fellas she picks are like dandelions. One day they're there, bright as sunshine— charming Mama, buying me presents— and the next they're gone, scattered to the wind, leaving weeds everywhere and Mama crying. (1.21)

This is exactly why Turtle worries about her mom so much. Mama wears her heart on her sleeve. She dreams big, and she believes in Hollywood happy endings. Sure there's nothing super wrong with any of this, but for Turtle it means that her mom is constantly disappointed. She wishes her mom could be happy, but in reality, their lives aren't like a movie. Turtle's mom always has her head in the clouds, which is why they get conned by Archie in the first place. Luckily for Mama, it seems Turtle's inclined toward forgiveness.

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