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Turtle in Paradise Chapter 11

By Jennifer L. Holm

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Chapter 11

Ladies Who Lunch

  • Turtle notices that a bunch of moms in Key West really love the Diaper Gang's formula for diaper rash. 
  • At first she thought they weren't serious, but it turns out, this stuff really is better than anything else and everyone wants to get their hands on it. 
  • When a woman comes up to the boys and begs for some, they give her some of their secret formula. A couple days later, she gives them movie tickets in exchange—it worked so well, she can't believe it. 
  • They're walking out the front door when Aunt Minnie says one of them has to head over to Nana Philly's pad and give her lunch because Minnie's got too much laundry today. 
  • Everyone waits for someone else to volunteer since no one likes Nana Philly and they don't want to miss the Shirley Temple flick playing. 
  • Turtle says she'll do it. She wants to get to know Nana Philly better, plus she hates Shirley Temple. 
  • When she gets to Nana Philly's house, Miss Bea is happy to see her. She's got to step out for a moment, but Turtle is welcome to anything she sees. 
  • She starts looking around to figure out what to make Nana Philly for lunch. There's no caviar or cream cheese like her mom makes for the rich, so Turtle settles on milk toast. It's mushy enough for Nana Philly, and it tastes pretty good, too. 
  • She gives it to her grandma and runs back to the kitchen to get a spoon. When she returns, the food is on the floor. She must have put it too close to the edge. Whoops. 
  • Turtle makes another batch and gives it to her grandma. This time, she sees her grandma knock it to the floor. What gives? 
  • Her grandma can't talk much, but Turtle knows this was on purpose. When she asks her about it, Nana Philly just sits there, but Turtle thinks she might see a smirk on Nana's face, as though the whole thing amuses her.
  • So Turtle makes another bowl for herself, then sits down and eats it. As she does, she says to her grandma, "It's too bad you spilled yours because this is delicious." Ha.
  • When Miss Bea returns, Turtle says they had a nice time and she's looking forward to getting to know her grandma more. 
  • The next day, Miss Bea is waiting for Turtle outside—she's got to go shopping, but she made some grits and grunts for them to eat. 
  • She serves up two bowls and gives Nana Philly hers. Just like yesterday, Nana Philly knocks it over on the ground. This time, Turtle says it's a shame because so many people are hungry right now during the Depression.
  • Turtle cleans up the mess and eats her own lunch. When Turtle serves dessert, Nana Philly is about to knock it away when Turtle grabs it just in time. 
  • Turtle tells her grandma she'll eat her portion instead, then makes sure to say how delicious it is, too. 
  • The dish reminds Turtle of her mom's creamy caramel custard, which everyone loves.
  • It dawns on Turtle that maybe her grandma was mean to her mom, too—perhaps that's why her mom left. 
  • When Turtle asks Nana Philly about this, she can see regret in her grandma's eyes just for a second. 
  • The third day, Turtle serves Nana Philly's lunch and expects the same thing to happen, but this time, her grandma starts eating the soup Turtle gave her. 
  • She's relieved and tells her grandma that she missed a Shirley Temple movie to take care of her, but not to worry because she hates Shirley Temple. 
  • Nana Philly says she hates Shirley Temple, too.

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