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Turtle in Paradise Chapter 13

By Jennifer L. Holm

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Chapter 13

Believing in Monsters

  • Turtle thinks about how Hollywood moviemakers are just like salesmen. Sure, they use film instead of going door-to-door, but they are selling happy endings and science fiction just as much as a salesman is. 
  • The boys argue about the merits of Frankenstein versus Dracula as Turtle goes off to Nana Philly's place to feed her lunch. 
  • Since Smokey was kicked out of Aunt Minnie's place, Turtle gave him to Nana Philly. She loves cats more than people, and she even lets Smokey sleep by her pillow. 
  • They eat lunch together, and Turtle thinks about how her grandma might actually be starting to like her. Of course she doesn't say this or anything, but Turtle can tell the old lady is warming to her. 
  • Turtle hears meowing from the other room and finds Smokey stuck by the piano. There's a hole in the floor from the termites, and Smokey's managed to get caught in there. 
  • As Turtle reaches down to help the cat, she notices a box hidden in there. When she opens it, she reads: "This being where Black Caesar put his treasure." No way… 
  • She's not sure if it's real or not, but she can't stop thinking about it. 
  • Turtle decides to ask Slow Poke to take her to the place on the map, but when she goes down to the docks to find him, Ollie says Slow Poke is on an errand for Johnny Cakes right now. 
  • Instead she decides to show the Diaper Gang. They have a no girls allow policy, but maybe they'll still help her look for treasure. 
  • Beans stares at the map and decides they'll do it.

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