Study Guide

Turtle in Paradise Chapter 14

By Jennifer L. Holm

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Chapter 14

Lying, Stealing, No-Good Kids

  • The next day, the Diaper Gang tell each of their moms that they're waking up early to go fishing for conch for Labor Day. 
  • Aunt Minnie agrees but is a little bummed Uncle Vernon won't be back for the holiday since he's got to work. 
  • Pork Chop is in charge of getting a boat for them to use, so he borrows (read: steals) Johnny Cakes's boat for the mission. 
  • They get to the island, look around, but have no luck—maybe the map is fake or someone's found the treasure already. 
  • Still, Turtle wants to keep searching. They dig holes everywhere, but still no treasure. 
  • Beans thinks they should leave, but Turtle wants to stay and search more—they have to find it. 
  • She trips over a stone with a letter C carved into it. Could that be C for Black Caesar perhaps?

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