Study Guide

Turtle in Paradise Chapter 15

By Jennifer L. Holm

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Chapter 15

A Dream Come True

  • Turtle feels badly for second-guessing her mom all these years. Maybe life is like a Hollywood movie where everyone gets a happy ending. 
  • After all, a bunch of poor kids just found a pile of gold!
  • The gang is excited and starts heading back to boat… but when they get there, the boat is gone. 
  • Did Pork Chop forget to put the anchor down? Uh… Beans wonders how he could be so stupid. 
  • They're sure someone will come by soon and they can hitch a ride; plus, they have enough money to buy Johnny Cakes a new boat now.
  • They distract themselves by talking about what they'll buy with their money. The Diaper Gang wants a new wagon, and Turtle wants new shoes. 
  • And, of course, she already knows she's going to buy the Bellewood. Finally, all her dreams can come true.

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