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Turtle in Paradise Chapter 16

By Jennifer L. Holm

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Chapter 16

The Rescue Party

  • The next morning, the gang wakes up and are cranky with each other. So far, no one has rescued them, and they've got nothing to eat—they can't even make a cut-up out there. 
  • Pork Chop is in big trouble. Beans is furious at him for not setting the anchor, and this leads to a smack down. The two fight each other for a bit before Turtle puts an end to it. 
  • It starts raining, and the boys notice that the clouds are low, which means a storm is coming. A big one. 
  • It's dark, cold, and windy; the rain is pouring down and the group huddles together in the hut to stay out of the storm. 
  • Everyone is in a bad mood. Beans blames Pork Chop for all this, but Turtle thinks that's unfair and he should get over it. 
  • Turtle wonders what the use of money is if they don't get back home and share it. Money can't save them from the storm. 
  • Everyone's scared they're going to die out there. 
  • Suddenly, Turtle thinks about what Shirley Temple would do in the situation like this—she'd totally sing.
  • So Turtle stars singing a song she remembers from a Shirley Temple movie, and the boys join in.

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