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Turtle in Paradise Chapter 17

By Jennifer L. Holm

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Chapter 17

A Hollywood Ending

  • In the morning, the gang's sure no one will ever find them, and though the storm's over, there's debris everywhere. 
  • When the night comes, at least they can't see each other's faces anymore. It makes crying a little less embarrassing. 
  • As she drifts off to sleep, Turtle imagines she's accepting an award for "the only girl stranded on an island with a bunch of boys with no chance of rescue." She turns to Shirley Temple and offers her condolences. 
  • In the night, the door slams open and Ollie is there. 
  • Slow Poke comes rushing in behind him and looks relieved—he explains they would have come sooner, but they were held up by the hurricane. 
  • Johnny Cakes comes in and tells the kids he knows they stole his boat. 
  • How did the guys know where to look? Too Bad and Killie overheard the boys talking about digging up treasure here, so they came as soon as they could. 
  • They show the men the treasure they found, and the guys can hardly believe it. 
  • When they get back to the docks, everyone is waiting for them. The hurricane had people worried, but the news of finding treasure gets everyone excited—the gang even makes the paper again. 
  • A couple days later, an antiques dealer stops by the house and buys the treasure of old coins for $20,000. The kids are thrilled. 
  • First things first, they replace Johnny Cakes's boat. Then they split the money between the gang and Nana Philly, since the map was hers to begin with.
  • They let Too Bad into the gang since he saved their lives, and though Pork Chop doesn't like it, he understands why. 
  • Too Bad even figured out the secret formula: cornstarch. Everyone tells him to shut it, or he can't be in the gang. 
  • Aunt Minnie was worried sick and scolds the kids once they get home. She also fesses up: She figured out Smokey didn't ruin the clothes. Since she's been at Nana Philly's, it's happened again, and Aunt Minnie caught another cat coming in the house. 
  • She apologizes to Turtle and says her cat can come back. 
  • Turtle's not so sure, though, since her grandma really loves the cat now. 
  • In other good news, Turtle's mom is coming down to see her. 
  • Later, Turtle's in the café talking to the writer and Slow Poke about her adventure finding the treasure. She gives him all the juicy details, and before she goes, calls him Mr. Hemingway. (As in Ernest Hemingway.)
  • Kermit comes rushing in and announces her mom is at the house, so Turtle goes running out of there as fast as she can. 
  • When she gets to the house, Turtle runs into her mom's arms and hugs her tight. Archie's there, too, and apparently they got married—Turtle can almost feel how happy her mom is. 
  • So it turns out people do get Hollywood endings. Archie and her mom are married and they're all staying at a nice hotel until they buy the Bellewood by a peach farm. Turtle is beyond excited.

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