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Turtle in Paradise Chapter 2

By Jennifer L. Holm

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Chapter 2

Paradise Lost

  • Still on the road, Mr. Edgit says something about how ah-mazing Easton, Pennsylvania is. This reminds Turtle of how adults are always acting like wherever they grew up is the absolute best—it doesn't matter if it's a mansion or a ditch, somehow, adults think it's just spectacular if they're from there. 
  • Her mom is the worst at this. According to her mom, Key West is the most beautiful place she's ever been… but when Turtle arrives, she's completely underwhelmed. 
  • Trash lines the streets, and the whole place looks like it's in need of some TLC. 
  • They ask where Curry Lane is, and are told they're standing in front of it. Wait, what? This isn't so much a lane as it is a dirty road with a couple run down houses on it. 
  • Nevertheless, Turtle and Mr. Edgit go up to one house and notice a sign that says: "Will Wurk For Candy."
  • There's a boy sitting outside, and he gives Mr. Edgit a hard time about his name (sounds like idiot) and makes fun of him for being bald and selling hair products. 
  • Just then, the kid—who calls himself Beans—is stopped by his mom coming out to the porch. Before anyone can explain what's going on, she notices Turtle and recognizes her, exclaiming that the kid looks just like her sister. 
  • And guess what? Aunt Minnie's surprised to see Turtle since she never heard anything from her sister about this little arrangement. 
  • Turtle explains that her mom sent a letter, but Minnie never got it. Uh-oh… 
  • It's clear that Minnie is caught off guard. She's got her own family and chores to attend to, but she welcomes her niece inside and shows her where she can sleep. 
  • Beans isn't thrilled about the new living arrangements, mainly because he'll have to share a room with his brother now since Turtle will have his room. Ick. 
  • To retaliate, he calls her Tortoise and dumps all of her clothes on the porch. That ought to teach her.

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