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Turtle in Paradise Chapter 8

By Jennifer L. Holm

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Chapter 8

A Big, Happy Family

  • Turtle thinks about the fact that big families aren't as happy as they seem. Sure, it sounds nice, but someone's always fighting or getting into trouble; Turtle likes it being just her mom and her. 
  • She hangs out with the Diaper Gang again and everyone's cranky because they're hungry. 
  • They head on over to Pork Chop's house where his mom gives them bollos to eat—she makes the best ones on the street. 
  • Turtle asks what they are and learns bollos are fried dough balls with garlic and spice. They grab some and munch down, and before she can even introduce herself to Mrs. Soldano, the woman knows who Turtle is. 
  • Mrs. Soldano says she's going to win the bolita (translation: Cuban lottery) this week because she chose the right numbers. (Sure she did…) When she does, she'll still make them bollos. 
  • They dig into some flan for dessert, which Turtle enjoys. 
  • When they're done eating, Mrs. Soldano hands a bowl of flan to Pork Chop and tells him to take it to Nana Philly. 
  • Pork Chop tries to protest, but his mom will hear none of it. 
  • The gang makes their way over to Francis Street, where they stop in front of a house with loads of shutters. It looks abandoned, so Turtle is surprised to find that someone lives inside. 
  • Buddy refuses to go inside—Nana Philly scares him. Big time.
  • Turtle's not sure how some old lady could be scary. Cranky? Sure. But scary? 
  • They take the food inside and she's even more confused. The old lady who makes Buddy shake in his boots is frail, sitting in a rocking chair reading a magazine. Turtle still doesn't get why Buddy would be scared of this old lady. 
  • The boys tell Turtle that Miss Bea usually takes care of Nana Philly, but she's gone out while they bring the lady her lunch. 
  • Miss Bea comes back inside and takes the flan from Pork Chop; she's glad to see them and is really thankful for the delicious flan. 
  • She tells Turtle she looks just like her mom. Pretty quickly, the boys say they've got to dash because babies are waiting. 
  • When they get outside, Turtle asks why they hate Nana Philly so much. 
  • They fill her in: Nana Philly told Aunt Minnie she'd be better off dead than married to Beans's dad, and she also said the preacher is so boring he should be crucified. In short, she's meaner than a scorpion.
  • Turtle can't believe it. How could they talk about someone's grandma like that? 
  • The boys are all, don't you mean your grandma? Wait a minute… Turtle's mom told her that her grandma was dead… Turtle's confused. 
  • But then Kermit explains that Turtle's grandma isn't dead at all—she's just really mean.

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