Study Guide

The Forks High Girls (Jessica, Angela, and Lauren) in Twilight

By Stephenie Meyer

The Forks High Girls (Jessica, Angela, and Lauren)

The girl that Bella spends the most time with is Jessica. We don't know much about Jessica aside from the fact that she has a crush on Mike, and Edward notes that Jessica's mind is rather boring (he can read minds, remember?). Bella's other Forks High girlfriend is Angela, but she doesn't stand out much either.

We learn so little about Jessica and Angela because Bella quickly becomes consumed by Edward, and leaves the life of high school behind. In comparison to her intense interaction with Edward, Jessica and Angela appear to Bella to be young and somewhat silly.

And then there's Lauren, the bitter, scowling girl who's jealous of Bella for stealing Tyler's heart. In fact, nearly every time Bella notes Lauren, that's all she's doing: scowling.

Overall, the girls of Forks High serve as a contrast to Bella. Jessica, Angela, and Lauren represent the average girls that Edward has found so uninteresting for the last hundred or so years. In comparison to these girls, for Edward, Bella is a breath of fresh air and truly unique.