Study Guide

Twilight Chapter 10: Interrogations

By Stephenie Meyer

Chapter 10: Interrogations

  • The next morning when Bella heads outside to her truck, she finds Edward in his Volvo, waiting for her in the driveway. "Do you want to ride with me today?" (10.5) he asks.
  • On the ride to school, Edward interrogates Bella, but accuses her of not telling him exactly what she's thinking. She responds, "You don't want to hear it" (10.21), which irritates him.
  • Once they get to school, Edward walks Bella to her class. Using his little mind-reading trick, he warns Bella that Jessica is about to jump on her with a bunch of questions:

    "She wants to know if we're secretly dating. And she want to know how you feel about me," [Edward] finally said.

    "Yikes. What should I say?" [...]

    "Hmmm." He paused to catch a stray lock of hair that was escaping the twist on my neck and wound it back into place. My heart sputtered hyperactively. "I suppose you could say yes to the first...if you don't mind – it's easier than any other explanation."

  • Bella heads inside and Jessica accosts her with questions. Bella admits to her friend that she likes Edward "too much [...]. More than he likes me" (10.109).
  • At lunch, Bella sits with Edward. He's been listening in on Jessica's mind and insists that Bella doesn't like him more than he likes her.
  • Bella thinks that's impossible since she's "absolutely ordinary" (10.171) and he's gorgeous. Edward responds, "You don't see yourself very clearly, you know. [...] Trust me just this once – you are the opposite of ordinary" (10.172, 174).
  • They talk about their weekend plans. Edward wonders if Bella really wants to go to Seattle to escape the dance, or if they can do something else instead. He wants to take her somewhere private outdoors – it will be a sunny day and he wants to show her how a vampire looks in the sun.
  • Edward insists that Bella tell Charlie that she'll be with Edward, "To give me some small incentive to bring you back" (10.111). Bella isn't a fan of the idea.
  • After talking about hunting (bears and mountain lions) for a while, they head off to Biology.