Study Guide

Twilight Chapter 11: Complications

By Stephenie Meyer

Chapter 11: Complications

  • Everyone in Biology notices how Edward and Bella walk into class together, and how they're now friendly with each other instead of hostile.
  • In Gym class, Mike tells Bella that he doesn't approve of her and Edward as a couple, claiming, "He looks at you you're something to eat" (11.27).
  • As Edward drives Bella home, Bella asks why she can't watch him hunt sometime. Edward is horrified by the mere idea of her being around while he's hunting:

    "When we hunt," he spoke slowly, unwillingly, "we give ourselves over to our senses...govern less with our minds. Especially our sense of smell. If you were anywhere near me when I lost control in that way..." He shook his head, still gazing morosely at the heavy clouds. (11.74)

  • The next morning after Charlie leaves for work, Bella finds Edward in the driveway, waiting to take her to school. During the ride, he peppers her with questions: "What's your favorite color today?" (11.111), "What music is in your CD player right now?" (11.117), etc.
  • During lunch, Edward continues with his interrogation, and then again on drive home from school, up until Charlie is just about to pull into the driveway.
  • As Edward is leaving, Jacob and Billy Black pull up. Bella is nervous:

    Billy still stared at me with intense, anxious eyes. I groaned internally. Had Billy recognized Edward so easily? Could he really believe the impossible [vampire] legends his son scoffed at? (11.164)