Study Guide

Twilight Chapter 21: Phone Call

By Stephenie Meyer

Chapter 21: Phone Call

  • Alice sketches a second room that she's seeing in her mind. In her vision, James is sitting in this dark room watching TV. Bella recognizes it as a room in her mom's house.
  • Worried, Alice makes a phone call, and then informs Bella that Edward, Carlisle, and Emmett are flying down. They're going to hide her somewhere.
  • Alice's phone rings – Bella takes the call because it's her mom. She hears her mother calling her name, sounding panicked.
  • Then James gets on the phone. He tells Bella that he has her mother, and if Bella doesn't want Renée to get hurt, then she needs to slip away from Alice and Jasper and come (alone) to her mother's house. He instructs Bella to and call him from there for further directions. Bella agrees.
  • When she gets off the phone, Bella pretends that she was speaking with her mother.
  • Bella sits down to write a letter to Edward, explaining her decision to go meet James. She adds:

    And please, please don't come after [James]. That's what he wants, I think. I can't bear it if anyone has to be hurt because of me, especially you. Please, this is the only thing I can ask you now. For me. (21.91).

  • Bella hopes that the letter will eventually make it to him.