Study Guide

Twilight Choices

By Stephenie Meyer


Personal choice pops up as a huge component of all the action in Twilight. The defining aspect of the Cullens – the "good" vampires – is that they've chosen to suppress their natural desire for human blood and only feed on animals. And driving the main plot, both Edward and Bella know what the safe action is for each of them – to stay away from each other – but they both struggle with how that route conflicts with their desires. Bella chooses to pursue Edward even though it's a dangerous. Edward chooses to engage in a relationship with Bella even though his instincts tell him that she's his prey. But the biggest choice hanging over the whole novel is: will Bella choose to become a vampire, and will Edward allow that? (Check out "What's Up with the Epigraph?" for more discussion of choice.)

Questions About Choices

  1. At what point has Bella fallen to temptation? At what point is there no turning back for her?
  2. Did Bella choose to be with Edward, or was he actually impossible to resist? How about Edward – did he choose to be with Bella?
  3. Has Edward already fallen to temptation when he begins conversing with Bella, or would he have to bite her to really "fall"?
  4. Carlisle makes a choice each time he transforms and adopts the Cullen "children." Is that his right to decide, or is he "playing God" by taking such matters into his own hands?
  5. Bella decides to hurt her father in order to keep him safe from James. Was this the right choice? Did she have any other options?