Study Guide

Twilight Good vs. Evil

By Stephenie Meyer

Good vs. Evil

Generally, vampires are seen as evil. They're considered "monsters" in cultural lore. Most vampires give in to their desire for human blood, but the Cullens don't. It's not easy for them, but Carlisle's mission to avoid "evil" acts is focused and strong-willed enough for the Cullens to successfully live without partaking in their natural craving for human blood. Overriding that urge isn't always so easy for Edward when delicious-smelling Bella is around. Edward's conscious desire to not be a monster constantly conflicts with his unconscious urge to drink Bella's blood. Overall, in Twilight, being good or evil is a decision an individual makes, rather that being an uncontrollable fate.

Questions About Good vs. Evil

  1. Edward sees himself as a monster. Is he?
  2. If Edward turned Bella into a vampire, would that be a "good" or "evil" action?
  3. How would you define what "good" and what "evil" mean in Twilight?
  4. Is Carlisle's wish to do "good" based in his religious background when he was a human?
  5. Do you think that Bella and Edward are doing a bad thing by being together? Meyer makes it clear that they are tempting each other to do "bad." Why, exactly, is their relationship a bad thing?
  6. How do you explain the fact that the Cullens are so willing to kill James, yet are adamantly against harming humans?
  7. Is James evil or does he live by his natural instincts?
  8. Was Carlisle's father a good or evil man? He led mobs to kill vampires, witches, and werewolves – was this a good deed (ridding the world of potential monsters) or an evil one (murder)?