Study Guide

Twilight Hate

By Stephenie Meyer


The most common form of hate we see in Twilight is actually self-hate. Edward hates himself for the danger he brings into Bella's life, and he frequently expresses horror at his bloodlust. Remember how Edward considers himself to be a "monster"? Some of the other vampires with a "conscience" also experience moments of self-hate, particularly Rosalie who is jealous of Bella simply because Bella is human. Other examples of hate crop up when Edward fears for Bella's safety. Edward hates any being – human or vampire – that threatens Bella, including the alley thugs that Edward has to talk himself out of killing, and James, whom Edward wishes he could have joined in on killing.

Questions About Hate

  1. Do you think hate or extreme anger is presented in a positive or negative way in Twilight?
  2. Do you think Edward hates Bella the first time he sees her?
  3. Why does Edward hate himself? Do you think that all the members of the Cullen family have experienced periods of self-hate?