Study Guide

Twilight Isolation

By Stephenie Meyer


Isolation appears in two forms in Twilight. There's physical isolation – Forks is a small, secluded, rain-soaked town – and emotional isolation. Bella shares with the Cullen family a feeling of isolation from the community around her. At first Bella isn't exactly complaining – she enjoys being alone – but before meeting Edward, she is lonely. Edward may be the loneliest character we meet in the novel, as he went about 90 years looking for someone to love before he found Bella. The Cullens as a family are also isolated. They must keep themselves somewhat separate from the human society in which they live, but they are also isolated from other vampire communities because of their choice to maintain a "vegetarian" diet.

Questions About Isolation

  1. If Bella had not met Edward, would she still have felt isolated in Forks?
  2. Do you think Bella would describe herself as "lonely" at the beginning of the story?
  3. Before meeting Bella, do you think Edward thought of himself as "lonely"?
  4. What is the most isolating feature of the town of Forks?
  5. Is Edward's family more attuned to his isolation than Bella's family is to hers?
  6. Why does Bella feel more alone than ever when she faces James?
  7. How do you think Charlie really feels about Bella coming to live with him? Glad? Sad? Nervous?