Study Guide

Twilight Love

By Stephenie Meyer


Twilight is a story of forbidden love. Because Edward is a vampire and Bella a human, Edward technically should consider Bella his prey. While Edward does love Bella, his primal instincts lead him to thirst for her blood. Similarly, Bella's natural instincts should warn her that Edward is dangerous, that she should stay away from him, but instead she craves being near him at all times. For this couple, even kissing is dangerous, yet their passion is so intense that they each claim to have no choice but to be with the other.

Questions About Love

  1. Do Edward and Bella really love each other or is it simply infatuation?
  2. Is it more loving for Edward to leave Bella or to stay with her?
  3. Why do you think Edward loves Bella? Her blood's smell? Her appearance? Her personality? His inability to read her mind? Something else?
  4. Why does Bella love Edward? How much of her interest in him is based on his physical appearance?
  5. Would Bella and Edward's relationship be as passionate and exciting for them if it weren't at all dangerous?