Study Guide

Twilight Sacrifice

By Stephenie Meyer


Stephenie Meyer presents Twilight's star, Bella, as a selfless character. Not only does she risk her life to keep her mother safe, but she also endures a lot of personal discomfort for her parents' happiness. Bella makes other sacrifices, which may not be entirely altruistic: she sacrifices her own personal safety for the sake of love, and is even willing to give up her own human life to be with Edward forever as a vampire. Besides Bella, the Cullens endure a monstrous sacrifice (pun intended!) by not eating humans, and they all accept a certain amount of inconvenience just by welcoming Bella into their lives. Edward is willing to give up absolutely anything to ensure Bella's safety.

Questions About Sacrifice

  1. Would Bella be making a true sacrifice by willingly becoming a vampire?
  2. Think about the Prologue. Is Bella's sacrifice a noble one?
  3. Is it worth sacrificing human life for immortality?
  4. Do you consider Bella a selfless character? Does she do anything that you would consider selfish? What about Edward?
  5. Throughout the book, does Bella make any sacrifices for Charlie's happiness and safety?