Study Guide

Twilight Sex

By Stephenie Meyer


Though there is no actual sex in Twilight, sexual attraction and abstinence play a significant role in the novel. Edward and Bella are inexperienced with affairs of the heart, but both feel an undeniable sexual attraction to each other. However, Edward doesn't think sex with Bella is going to be possible – it would be dangerous with him being a vampire and all. Overall, both Edward and Bella seem to be OK with their relationship remaining more emotional than physical. But there's another way to look at their relationship that makes the couple's abstinence seem more of a struggle. As stated in a Washington Post article, there's a "subtext of hunger and fasting as a metaphor for sex and abstinence. Yes, lust is the elephant in the room here, and it's what gives 'Twilight' its decidedly grown-up bite" (source). For more on this, check out "Sex Rating."

Questions About Sex

  1. Over time, can Bella and Edward maintain a happy and satisfying relationship without having a sexual or physical dimension?
  2. Can Bella and Edward's intense passion last, or will it fade?
  3. We read an NPR article about Twilight that claimed "vampires are about sex. The whole 'I vant to suck your blood' routine is a cover story to cloak commingling. And […] in the Twilight series, vampires are still a cover story for talking about sex" (source). Do you agree?