Study Guide

Twilight The Supernatural

By Stephenie Meyer

The Supernatural

Vampires are not real. Or, shall we say, we don't think they're real. That makes them supernatural. Author Stephenie Meyer invented an incredible mythology surrounding vampires – their skin sparkling in the sun, their off-the-charts beauty, their strength and sixth senses. Her version of the vampire world clashes a bit with Western culture's traditional perception of vampires, but three things remain centrally important: 1) vampires' primary food source is human blood, 2) vampires have an immense amount of sex appeal, which makes them even more effective predators of humans, and 3) vampires are immortal.

Questions About The Supernatural

  1. Do you think Bella reacts in a normal and believable way when she finds out that Edward is a vampire? Would you react in a similar way if you were in her situation?
  2. If you lived in Forks, would you be suspicious of the Cullens?
  3. Do you think there's something supernatural at work when it comes to Bella and Edward's intense love connection? Or is it just normal love?
  4. Based on vampires you've been exposed to in other books or movies, how are Stephenie Meyer's vampires different? Are there any vampire characteristics that you wished Meyer had included in Twilight? Do you prefer her vampires to others you've seen, or do you like them less?