Study Guide

Typee Chapter 13

By Herman Melville

Chapter 13

  • As time goes on, Tommo and Toby must sit with the discomfort that, no matter how welcoming the Typee are, they still might be cannibals.
  • Tommo's leg is getting worse, and it's clear that they'll have to go for help to procure some western medicine. He asks Toby if he'll go for help in Nukuheva, perhaps coming back by boat, and Toby accepts, despite having reservations.
  • Kory-Kory and the other villagers object loudly once they understand what Toby is planning to do, but Tommo gestures to his worsening leg, and they agree that Toby will leave the following morning.
  • Toby says goodbye, and Marheyo escorts him for a couple hours, returning once he's well on his way.
  • Around noon, Tommo hears great shouts coming from outside the hut, and discovers that something has happened to Toby. The girls wail, "Awha! Awha! Toby mukee moee" ("Alas! Alas! Toby is killed!").
  • Toby's body is carried into the village, his head having sustained a great blow. Tommo checks for a heartbeat and finds one, happily, then cleans the wound. Soon after, Toby wakes.
  • It turns out that Toby had encountered the Happars, and ran to greet them happily—not realizing what it would mean that he was coming from the Typee valley. Bad idea, Toby. The Happar struck him, and Toby fled back down into the valley.
  • It becomes clear, after this, that it will be more difficult to leave the Typee than they had previously thought. On top of this, the Typee (Kory-Kory in particular) seem to use this as proof that the two men should stay in the valley.