Study Guide

Typee Chapter 14

By Herman Melville

Chapter 14

  • While Toby's head wound heals over the next few days, Tommo's leg gets even worse. He's mostly restricted to laying on the mat in Marheyo and Tinor's crib.
  • Outside, the villagers cry "botee! botee!" (14.3) and Tommo watches women and men and children harvesting and carrying fruits in baskets to the shore, to an arriving boat.
  • Kory-Kory refuses to carry Tommo to the boat, but Toby resolves to go alone in order to come back and rescue him. Tommo shakes his hand au revoir, and watches the parade of villagers pass him by.
  • By sunset the villagers begin to return in small groups, but there's no sign of Toby and the villagers are avoiding answering any of Tommo's questions. He finds Fayaway, who seems sympathetic, but she won't answer his questions either.
  • Unsure of Toby's fate—whether he's escaped never to return, or is lying dead in a ditch somewhere—Tommo continues his daily life in the village, bathing, sitting by Fayaway, watching the young lovelies of the Typee swim in the stream, and smoking a pipe with Mehevi. We can think of worse situations to be stranded in.