Study Guide

Typee Chapter 6

By Herman Melville

Chapter 6

  • Captain Vangs declares that the sailors, having been at sea for a solid six months, now deserve a day's shore leave. This is Tommo and Toby's chance to escape.
  • In all the hubbub, the two sailors prepare. Tommo grabs a couple of biscuits, jerky, some tobacco, and a few yards of cloth for trading, and stuffs them inside his shirt.
  • It begins to rain as the boat takes the land-headed sailors to shore, and, as they land, the rain gets heavier. The men look for shelter, in which to chill as the weather passes. Tommo and Toby take this distraction as their opportunity, and in moments they are on their way up the mountain.
  • After some time, they meet a thick wall of bamboo, which slows their progress as they hack through it. They are drenched with rain and tired, but make it through.
  • They take a route along the side of the mountain, and are able to see a valley populated by a native tribe (hopefully, they think, Happars.)
  • Just before sunset, they find themselves at the highest peak of the mountain—good times.