Study Guide

Typee Chapter 8

By Herman Melville

Chapter 8

  • Tommo wakes up Toby to tell him about the valley he's seen.
  • They try to figure out whether it's Happar (good, friendly) or Typee (cruel, cannibalistic), but they realize there's no way to do so. Running out of food, and with Tommo's bum leg, they pretty much have to make for the valley.
  • They make slow progress up and down each gorge, using canes and roots to help progress. When Tommo feels disheartened and sick, Toby encourages him to keep going. It's difficult for poor Tommo, but it's their only real option.
  • After a day of hard-going, the two find a place to rest. In the morning, they again debate whether the valley is Happar or Typee, and what to do. But Tommo is in such a sorry state, there's no way he can pull off the day-before's exertions in reverse. So forward they go—sorry, Tommo.