Study Guide

Typee Epilogue: The Story of Toby

By Herman Melville

Epilogue: The Story of Toby

  • Here, Tommo relates what happened to Toby after he left the village:
  • As Toby was escorted out of the Typee valley, some young men decided to play a trick on him, saying that the Happar were about, throwing stones at the party. In fact, it was a ruse to waste time, as they hoped to prevent Toby from getting to the ship. He saw this and continued on, despite further protests.
  • At the shore there was no boat, but a large assembly of men and women. At its center stood an old sailor named Jimmy who had an island wife and lived in Nukuheva in the king's household.
  • Jimmy was a tale-teller, but he was there to collect Toby and Tommo because of a reward that had been put out for their return.
  • Jimmy told Toby that he could get Toby off the island right then. Since Tommo wasn't able to get to shore, Jimmy would send back a boat to fetch him the next day.
  • Toby insisted on retrieving Tommo right then, but in turning to go back he found the Typee blocking his way. Toby fought to move forward, but it was no use. Eventually Jimmy got him to sit down while he talked to the Typee, who let him know that Toby could not come back. His only choice was to hike back to Nukuheva. Toby protested, but he knew he had no choice.
  • Jimmy told the Typee that Toby would come back, after a brief stay in Happar country, Nukuheva.
  • Once there, Toby asked for a boat to return to the Typee valley and rescue Tommo, but it turned out that Jimmy was a liar and mercenary. Toby was forced to sail without retrieving Tommo. And that's the end of the Toby recap.
  • Tommo now hops off the boat in New Zealand, then makes his way home.
  • At Tommo and Toby's later meeting—during which Toby's story is told—Toby talks about the nightmares he's had, like Tommo yelling at him for leaving him on the island.
  • But the two friends find each other again, and both can rest, knowing neither is still on the island.