Study Guide

Uglies Chapter 13

By Scott Westerfeld

Chapter 13

Special Circumstances

  • The scary-looking pretty brings Tally to the strange Special Circumstances complex, where there are more scary pretties.
  • Here, Tally meets Dr. Cable, a cruel pretty who is here to tell Tally that there's a problem.
  • See, Special Circumstances wants Tally to tattle on Shay and the other runaways, including people from outside the city (hint hint David hint).
  • As Dr. Cable notes, "our city can stand a great deal of freedom, Tally. It gives youngsters room to play tricks, to develop their creativity and independence. But occasionally bad things come from outside the city" (53).
  • Oh, so it was easy-on-purpose to escape the dorms.
  • So Cable needs Tally's help to catch the dangerous outsiders. But… Tally promised Shay she wouldn't tell anyone.
  • Even though Tally has very little to tell since she never met David or any runaway other than Shay.
  • Well, except for that note about how to find the Smoke. But Tally keeps her promise and doesn't mention it.
  • And then Cable brings out the big guns: if you won't help us, you'll be ugly for life. Which, amazingly, brings us to a chapter titled…