Study Guide

Uglies Chapter 14

By Scott Westerfeld

Chapter 14

Ugly for Life

  • So instead of being made pretty and going to endless parties with Peris, Tally gets brought back to her dorm, which is now full of new uglies who don't want to be friends with the weird older girl who shouldn't even be there anymore.
  • It's like when old people come back to visit school—they get treated like aliens.
  • But at least Tally still has Shay's note about how to find the town. Which means that Special Circumstances didn't find it.
  • And Tally also has her parents, Ellie and Sol, who come to comfort her. They offer her advice, which boils down to "help the secret police, you big dummy."
  • But Tally made a promise to Shay. And for the first time in her life, Tally isn't comforted by what a middle pretty says: "And she couldn't shake the thought that Sol knew nothing about the outside world Shay had fled to" (49).
  • Which is pretty much something every kid feels about their parents at some point or other (or all the time).
  • But Tally says she'll think about it.